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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Youtube Channel & Such

     Do check it out sometime! I know my camera is crap, but I should be getting an HD cam soon.
     Also, check out my e-bay. 
I'm constantly updating it with cool finds at moderate prices.
     So I've been wholesale shopping a bit lately, and I definitely have mixed feelings. On one hand, you can find some really nice things, but on the other, it's just junk in a box. I'm about to make a video on it so please check it out!
     I got a car, and I get my license on December 6th! I'm so excited but I wish it wasn't during the winter!
     With upcoming holidays ahead, it's time to start thinking of gifts for friends and family. I'm absolutely STUCK on what to get my boyfriend for Christmas! If you have any ideas, please let me know! I just don't really want to get him cologne or something cliche like that..
     Okay so, I finally broke down and bought the Sims 3. Needless to say, I'm absolutely addicted. You can download houses off of the EA website once you register your product, annnnd I downloaded so much to the point where my game has slowed down a little. Lol, guess I should get to cleaning it up... I'm such a nerd!
     Me and my boyfriend deleted our Facebooks! Over the past couple of days, a ton of obscene and just disgusting stuff pops up. And no, not the weird videos that if you click on, they spam you. I'm talking full blown out pictures. One was of a dog badly beaten and covered in blood, with blood puddles all around him. The was like my breaking point. I'm no wimp, but when I saw that, I couldn't deal with it any longer. Sooo we got a Bebo! Lol.
     If you or anyone you know is interested in collecting vintage items, I have a miniature Singer oiling can for sewing machines! It's all metal with "Singer" engraved in the side. Kind of tarnished, but still in great condition. E-mail me at: jreeder04@gmail.com if you're interested! I'll probably sell it around $10 or less!
     Thanks for taking the time to read about my drama and such:)
Hoe you're doing well!

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