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Monday, October 10, 2011

Been A While

It's been forever since I last posted! (Or first posted lol). Sorry (to all of the people who follow me: none). -_- I'm not surprised. Who would want to listen to an annoying American teenager talk about their problems and whatnot? (NOT ME!!) Tehe, well I'm gonna start off and say, I'm a lot different than anyone you'll ever meet. But hey, aren't we all? Anyways, I recently purchased some tea tree oil. I have yet to use it, but have heard great GREAT reviews. I can't wait; I will specifically be using it for minor pimples and blackheads. I'll let you know how it goes! So a couple of weeks ago, this wealthy woman that my stepdad knows gave away A TON of her clothes. Literally. More than $25,000 worth. He brought it and and Mom and I sorted through it for stuff we like and would wear, and stuff that my sister might like. Needless to say, we racked up on a few things! I got like 5 blazers but not black. :( I got a white Chanel blazer, but gave it to my sis. Too dressy for mwah! I've also been ordering so much makeup through ebay! (It sounds sick but it's all still in the box and unopened.) I just can't quit! Haha, I'm gettin a little better though, hopefully I won't jinx myself... So earlier I was trying to figure out a Halloween costume. I wanted to be a peacock 'cause I have a ton of ostrich feathers (yeah i know, it doesn't make sense lol) but I didn't know how to stick them to my butt! So I just resorted to the easy "Greek Goddess" by using a bedsheet to make a toga! It makes me look all fat though... I'll have to work it somehow! Anyways, I gotta go, love ya! Byeee:)


  1. Hey I'm a follower :P haha Let me know how the tea tree oil works for you, I have heard it's good for blemishes but for some reason have never tested it out. Also you gave up Chanel??? Wow haha I don't think I could do that! Lucky sister haha

    I went to a toga party once and made my own toga out of a piece of material. If you want it to look less sheet like I used a rope with a tassel on it (it was originally used to hold curtains) as a belt and it looked really cute!!

    Hannah xo

  2. Oh it was amazing! I love it! And yeah, it was too old for me! Like I can't really explain it but I couldn't pull it off haha.

    I think I'm gonna use a white sheet and my mom has this gold chain belt. Maybe I can make it work! Idk cause the sheet is super big and I'm having trouble wrapping it.. oh well, I'll figure something out :)